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Siem Reap, Cambodia
Sun, 30-1-2011 - Fri, 4-2-2011

The 16th SME WG Annual Meeting that was held from 3 to 4 February  2011, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, brought together 37 in-person SME WG participants from 11 countries. 

Meeting Objectives

  • 1. Review ‘lessons learned’ from Southeast Asia and implications for countries outside the region
  • 2. Consider evolution of M&E requirements as programs scale-up towards elimination
  • 3. Consider new indicators and new estimation methods
  • 4. Review current status of data collection, use of data, and global level reports
  • 5. Examine the role of MERG in modeling
  • 6. Discuss MERG Administrative issues
  • 7. Update on MERG Task Force activitie


Sixteenth SME WG Meeting - report
Sixteenth SME WG Meeting - agenda