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Innovation to end malaria

Throughout history, innovation has powered progress towards a malaria-free world. Thanks to long-term global commitment to innovate and scale up delivery of proven tools, the global community has saved 10.6 million lives and prevented 1.7 billion new malaria infections since 2000.



 But our work is not done. To end malaria for half the world that is still at-risk of this   deadly and preventable disease, we must stay ahead of an ever-evolving parasite and   mosquito. To do this, we need to innovate how we reach the most vulnerable with the   right interventions at the right time. We must expand access and quickly scale up   proven tools. And, we must continue investing in the development, testing and   delivery  of tomorrow’s transformative interventions.

 There is no silver bullet for a disease as complex and dynamic as malaria, and ensuring   powerful tools achieve impact requires a strong network of support from every sector   and across the globe.

If we stay the course in our commitment to innovation, ending malaria is possible. With robust, urgent investment, we can protect past gains and accelerate progress toward a malaria-free world.


Download the RBM Partnership Innovation Narrative here.

malaria narrative