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Basel, Switzerland
Mon, 8-2-2010 - Tue, 9-2-2010


Members of the Roll Back Malaria Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) gathered for the fifth annual meeting and discussed current and emerging issues on global malaria vector control, as well as the 2010 work plan.

General Information

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

Session 1

The RBM Partnership: A Global Framework for Coordinated Action against Malaria

RBM Partnership: Vector Control Working Group

Nominations for WIN Co-Chair

Session 2

Alliance for Malaria Prevention “Expanding the ownership and use of mosquito nets”

RBM VCWG: Progress on Work Plan

Session 3

Combining IRS & LLINs to achieve pre-elimination of malaria in Sri Lanka

What Nigeria Needs in Partnerships to Expand Vector Control?

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Start of Public-Private Collaboration in Malaria Control – First Year Progress in Southern DRC

The National Insecticide Treated Nets Programme (NATNETS)

Papua New Guinea: LLIN universal coverage

Malaria Prevalence in Children in Tanzania

Scale up of IRS/LLINs and Challenges for Matching with Vector Surveillance

Session 4

Resistance patterns in Sub- Saharan Africa

Potential new insecticide candidate classes & lessons learnt from agricultural practices

Development of a Global Strategy against Insecticide Resistance in malaria vectors

Responding to pyrethroid resistance

Session 5

How long LLIN last in the field?


Session 6

LLIN strategies for Universal Coverage

LLINs and IRS Co-deployment and long-term control

Integrated Vector Management and Capacity building for Vector Control

Session 7

Resources forecasting for the future of vector control

New Tool and Technologies

LLIN Procurement and Supply Management Workshop

Session 8

Reconstituing WIN


Workgroup Optimization


Posters Overview

ProVector™ Bt Eliminates Mosquitoes that Transmit Malaria and Dengue

Actellic® CS –A long lasting resistance management partner