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Wed, 8-2-2017 - Fri, 10-2-2017


The twelfth annual meeting was the largest gathering to date, with more than 250 partners from national vector-borne disease control programs, Industry, International and bi-lateral development organizations, NGOs, academic and research institutions based in 40 countries from the Americas, Africa, the mid-East, Asia and the Western Pacific. The three-day meeting focused on developing two-year work plans for collective action to meet the challenges of entomology and vector control for malaria and other vector-borne diseases, recognizing the evolving threats and opportunities brought through urbanization and globalization, humanitarian emergencies and the influence of climate and land-use changes. The diversity of the VCWG provides a unique platform to build capacity, develop and deploy tools and strategies for a sustained and broad-based global response to vector-borne diseases.

General Information

Meeting Report

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

VCWG Update 2018


Gerhard Hesse - Meeting Objectives and Agenda

Elhadj As Sy - RBM update

Raman Velayudhan & Tessa Knox - Development of a global vector control response

Devika Perera - Lessons learned in malaria elimination in Sri Lanka


List of Posters