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Geneva, Switzerland
Wed, 3-2-2016 - Fri, 5-2-2016

Over 230 participants gathered for the 11th annual Vector Control Working Group meeting on 3-5 February and engaged in thorough discussion on emerging technical and political issues. The restructuring of the work streams was the highlight of this year’s meeting. New work streams had their kick-off meetings and discussed their work plans for 2016-2017.

The priorities in 2015 were to reorient the VCWG to: (i) more effectively address the priorities of national malaria control programmes (NMCPs), (ii) support the development of the global malaria agenda and (iii) consolidate the work streams in the context of the broader RBM realignment. Further to the 2015 objectives, the aims of the VCWG in 2016 are to: (i) identify specific priorities, (ii) map out the VCWG strategy and work plan and (iii) implement the work plan and document results. Specific objectives are: (i) develop consolidated and ‘smart’ work stream plans, (ii) undertake in-depth evaluation of opportunities for resource mobilization and (iii) enhance the engagement of partners with respect to innovative developments in vector control.

For more information, take a look at the presentations given at the individual work stream meetings.

General Information

Meeting Report

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants


Jacob Williams - Meeting objectives and agenda

Pedro Alonso - Evolving landscape of malaria from MDGs to SDGs

Dan Strickman - Malaria vector control research agenda – BMGF

Konstantina Boutsika - VCWG membership, information exchange, budget and sponsorships

Helen Prytherch - Action and Investment to defeat Malaria 2016–2030 (AIM) – for a malaria-free world: the potential role of VCWG

Abraham Mnzava - Vector control policy updates and priorities

Janet Hemingway & Fredros Okumu - MESA malERA Refresh and vector control themes

Gerhard Hesse - Announcement of new work streams. Way forward,realigning the work streams, priorities to be addressed

Moh Seng Chang - Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN)

Ahmad Raeisi - Pakistan–Islamic Republic of Iran–Afghanistan Malaria Network (PIAM-Net)

Charles Mbogo - Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA)

Tom McLean - IVCC announcement

Work Stream Reports

IRS IRM Priorities Work Stream

LLIN Priorities Work Stream

New Challenges, New Tools in Vector Control Work Stream

Intervention Delivery, Integration and Capacity Strengthening Work Stream

Housing and Malaria Work Stream