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Kigali, Rwanda
Tue, 28-6-2022 - Thu, 30-6-2022


The 11th Annual Meeting of the Case Management Working Group took place at the Lemigo Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda from June 28 - 30. Over three days, 76 participants, mainly in person and partly online, discussed updates on the state of the art in malaria case management and the meeting and provided a forum for malaria-affected countries and their partners to share their experiences in delivering malaria case management at community, facility, and referral levels.


General Information 

Brief Update

Meeting Feedback

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

Meeting Notes



Day 1, 28 June 


Session 1

Session 2 

Session 3 

Session 4



Larry Barat, Elizabeth Juma - Introduction 

Hon. Dr. Daniel Ngamije - Talking Points 

Aimable Mbituyumuremyi - Rwanda Malaria Control Efforts Coordination

Peter Olumese - WHO Malaria Technical Updates (Case Management and other uses of antimalarial medicines)

Corine Karema/ Peter Olumese - Update from RBM Partnership to End Malaria

Severe Malaria 

Phyllis Awor - Findings of CARAMAL Study

Stephen Duparc - Report of Severe Malaria Stakeholders Meeting

Drug Resistance 

Pascal Ringwald - Drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa

Aline Uwimana - Addressing drug resistance in Rwanda


Day 2, 29 June


Session 5

Session 6


Abstract presentations

Mehul Dhorda - Triple Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies (TACTs) could reduce the spread or emergence of artemisinin-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Emmanuel Shekarau - The impact of the private sector co-payment mechanism (PSCM) on the private market for ACTs in Nigeria: results of the 2018 cross-sectional outlet and household market surveys

Monitoring global progress in malaria case management

Stella Babalola - Assessing the Influence of Psychosocial Factors on Provider Malaria Case Management in Health Facilities in Benin

Roger Tine - Identifying operational research and program evaluation priorities for malaria case management for the sub-Saharan Africa region

Larry Barat - Global Indicators for Malaria Case Management



Day 3, 30 June 


Session 7

Session 8



Diagnostic testing 

Jane Cunningham - HRP-2 deletions and other challenges with diagnostic testing

Updates from other Working Groups

Katherine Wolf - Updates from Malaria in Pregnancy Working Group 

Stella Babalola - Updates from the RBM SBC WG



More information: 

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