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Kigali, Rwanda

April 18–20, 2024

General Information

Meeting Report

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List of Participants

Brief Update

Feedback & Evaluation

Introductions, objectives, key updates

Introduction and Overview of agenda, objectives for MSWG-6 Peter Mbabazi & Graham Alabaster, MSWG

Opening Remarks

Update from RBM Partnership to End Malaria Daddi  Wayessa, RBM Partnership to End Malaria

Work Stream Sessions
Work Stream II: Agriculture and malaria

Keynote speech:

Multisectoral engagement- use of fish in mosquito larvae control - the Rwandan experience Dr Emmaneul Hakizimana, Director Vector Control NMCP Rwanda

Proximity to irrigation schemes and malaria risk in Karonga, Malawi (selected abstract) Muwoli Dokowe, CRS

Work Stream V: Multi-sectoral messaging - Reaching beyond the ‘usual suspects’

Keynote speech:

Harmonizing Multi-Sectoral Messaging: a comprehensive approach for effective communication and collaboration Marion Natukunda, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Introducing the new global Elimination Interest Group Allison Tatarsky, UCSF, USA

Panel on Human-made malaria: ‘Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution’

Questions for the panelists

  • Dr Philip Welkhoff – BMGF, Director Malaria (Role of multisectoral action for permanent malaria elimination in Africa)
  • Dr Charles Mbogo – KEMRI (Role of economic development in malaria elimination)
  • Dr Esther Obonyo – Penn State University (Role of multisectoral actors in the mitigation of the effects of climate change on malaria)
  • Dr Melinda Hadi – Vestergaard (Role of private sector in malaria-smart actions)
Work Stream IV: The role of private commercial sectors in malaria
Case study: Tourism

Keynote speech:
Malaria Free Tourism Sector Peter Mbabazi, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Panel discussions: Perspectives from countries on the relationship between Tourism and Malaria Management

Questions for the panelists

  • Ghana, Dr Keziah Malm
  • Tanzania, Dr Jubilate Minja
  • Madagascar, Dr Hasina Harinjaka Ramiandrisoa
Work Stream I: Malaria in the urban context
Healthy Cities, Healthy People (HCHP) initiative

World Café: HCHP Graham Alabaster

Work Stream III: The Pathfinder Endeavour

World Café: Pathfinder endeavour updates and plans Erik Blas

Tanzania gears up efforts on multi-sectoral collaboration for control and elimination of malaria Denis Kailembo, Swiss TPH-TEMT

Integrating malaria and nutrition services through Village Health Nutrition Day Plus platform: Reflections and way forward (selected abstract) Benson Mringo, CRS Tanzania

Digitalised, data-driven larval source management: how recycling tires offers an affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly approach to vector control Paul Hollwedel, Zzapp Malaria, Israel

Panel discussion on mainstreaming malaria-smart development funding

Questions for the panelists

  • Dr Jennifer Gardy- BMGF, Malaria Deputy Director on Surveillance, Data, and Epidemiology and interim Director Institute for Disease Modeling
  • Dr Ida-Marie Ameda - UNICEF
  • Mr Sam Okello, Kisumu City Board, Kenya
  • Dr Graham Alabaster – UNHabitat

Wrap up, next steps and way forward in 2024-2025