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Malaria surveillance assessment toolkits: Updates and cross-country results

Deepa Pindolia, CHAI

Deepa opened her presentation by giving a background of the malaria surveillance assessment toolkits and the purpose of the update. She affirmed that the surveillance assessment aims to measure performance of malaria surveillance systems and identify the determinants of that performance, providing actionable recommendations. She reiterated that the previous malaria surveillance assessments were implemented to provide recommendations on how to strengthen surveillance systems, but such approaches and tools have not been standardized across assessments, limiting comparability over time and geographies. To address this issue, a standardized malaria surveillance assessment toolkit was developed to conduct comparable and replicable malaria surveillance assessments across multiple countries and within the same country over time. The toolkit consists of tools for each stage of assessment and can be used to assess systems capturing malaria-relevant variables with a range of approaches.

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