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The fight against malaria in Thailand:

Presentation: The fight against malaria in Thailand: Subnational health system and community
health worker data for malaria elimination/surveillance for elimination—Experience and results
from Thailand

The presenters provided an overview of the National Malaria Elimination Strategy, 2017-2026. The
strategy includes monitoring and evaluation activities, accentuating four phases to accelerate
malaria elimination, develop appropriate innovative measures and models, establish national and
international collaboration, and promote community capacity building. Presenters also elaborated
on the utilization of data at the subnational level (provincial level) and on the community health

volunteer data. They also shared on the experience and results from Thailand’s surveillance and
elimination process. They expounded on the requirements of subnational verification of malaria
elimination (documentation), which comprised establishment of a surveillance system, case
management, disease prevention and control committee, prevention of re-establishment planning,
and integration.