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No Malaria under this sun. A sweet dream we can achieve

No malaria under this sun (a sweet dream we can achieve)


The sun rose, the birds were startled

Where are the sick children?

Fevers running high

Pencils set aside

Replaced with buckets to take the slime

Of wretched, hungry guts

Is it true malaria is no more?


The family rooster jumped off a tree branch

At dusk, he saw mother going to the garden

Children peacefully asleep

You see, there was no crying fit last night

No fussy babies

Mother woke up fit and strong

Is it true malaria is no more?


The man in the suit confused the family dog

With his smiles

A happy gesture at news hour?

A 16 billion dollar increase in GDP for the year?

Better management of other health emergencies?

Words so profound

The year is 20Beautiful


It is true  

There is no more malaria under this sun