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Gender, Health Equity and Human Rights

World Malaria Day, observed globally annually on 25th April serves to emphasize the importance of ongoing investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control.

On World Malaria Day 2024, the RBM Partnership to End Malaria highlights malaria's heavy toll on women and girls, impacting their health, roles, and economic outcomes. Malaria perpetuates  inequality and hinders Universal Health Coverage.

A gender-focused approach is vital, focusing resources and targeted interventions in vulnerable areas. Focus areas include addressing gender disparities, improving pregnancy-related prevention, and promoting inclusive health systems. Community engagement ensures equitable access to malaria prevention and treatment interventions.. 

Let's recommit to women and girls' well-being, pursuing equity in the fight against malaria.

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Partners Tool Kit


 Let’s come together in accelerating the fight against malaria!

 Working with the WHO, Global Malaria Program, we have developed co-branded assets for Partners to use. We have also developed templates and messaging which you can use to adapt as part of your own campaigning. Check out these resources and tools to boost your efforts in spreading the word and moving us closer to a malaria free world.
Download RBM Partnership assets [here] and partner assets [here]

social media toolkit



World Malaria Day
April 25th 2024

Discover World Malaria Day events

Explore the activities being implemented by our partners around the world this World Malaria Day in our interactive map:

World Malaria Day Events

Malaria No More UK

Apr 24th 2023 - Apr 29th 2023

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Whether you are an organisation or an individual, join us and take action this World Malaria Day.



All the information, resources and guidance to support World Malaria Day activities.